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Specializing in production - supply all kinds:

+ Power cord, signal cable, power cord for the Company - Electric Factory - Electronics - Electrical Appliance of all electric fields in both water

+ Plastic household

+ Plastic industry

+ ... 
Starting from a small manufacturing facility in 1998 and faced many difficulties in production and product development experience is still so weak, outdated machinery. 
After more than 15 years of development with continuous efforts, we have created the image, reputation, market quality wire, power cord, signal cable ... 

In-oriented business development and we are always the first Prestige learning should accumulate experience our company has achieved some success, is the trusted partner of choice 

To catch up with the current trend is to automate the production of our continuous investment in machinery and automation, modern production lines are imported from abroad ... 
With the goal: Nice design - low cost - high quality, branded products QUATO our currently available throughout the southern provinces, some provinces in central and northern.

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